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  • Networking: OSI Model Layers. Static, default and dynamic routing protocols.
  • Experience in html5, css3, Php 5.6, javascript, postgres.
  • Python, Bash, Ansible basic, Terraform advance, git, ci/cd.
  • Worked on AWS: EC2, EBS, VPC, Nat gateways, S3, ECS Fargate, RDS, codebuild, ECR, Parameter store, IAM (most fun), Application load balancer, VPC peering and Docker


  • DevOps at Vayana Network (present) :

    • Extensively worked terraform to provision infrastructure and used shell scripts to auto-generate few terraform files.
    • Production grade container deployment using ECS Fargate on multiple micro-services
    • Deep dive into AWS IAM for granular control aligned with Indian fintech compliance rules
    • Cross region VPC peering, creating new VPCs, subnets, NAT, etc. for desired micro-services.
    • Codebuild to build artefacts from bitbucket (git), building docker image to store in ECR and deploying it into fargate.
    • Automated RDS creation using terraform with deep understanding of networking layer involved.
  • Netowork engineer at NESS Technologies (Feb 2019) :

    • Solve technical issues and architect solutions of ITNM (IBM Tivoli network manager) to clients.
  • Network engineer at Trimax (Jan 2018) :

    • Configure, maintain and troubleshoot static and default routing.
    • Handling issues related to Cisco switch - 2960, 3550 and Cisco Routers -1800,2800, WAN links.
    • Developed (uses wordpress and custom theme)
    • Developed feedback module for digital NIC using Cake php and Postgres.
    • Software ownership of entire network system of Karnataka Elections '18 of NIC.
    • Designing and maintaining smooth video conferences of officials.
    • Management of support issues and delegating to team.
    • Ownership of planning network layer and digital security of elections.
    • Design, maintenance, management of election process at a polling booth.
    • Responsible for SLO and SLA of end to end election process at polling booth. The intense process involves training of voters, reading ballot paper, counting number of votes manually and digitally, keeping the result safe and ensuring no errors, releasing it to media after confirmation of election result.


  • Computer Science and Engg. from KNS Institute of Technology, 2017.

Further Activities:

  • Theatre artist | Poet |Book lover | Being lazy is my passion...:P