Amazon S3 bucket:
Its just like a storage room to keep all the stuff that matters.
Can host static site (just like using Github pages) with permissions and
set functionality
Inorder to store, create S3 bucket first with a unique name.
This name is unique globally.

  • To check if site is hosted as S3 bucket
    dig +nocmd any +multiline +noall +answer
    result: domain name's IP and if its hosted as s3 bucket
  • To know the hosted region
    nslookup ip address
    result: name and the region is displayed.
  • Browsing whats in the bucket
    aws s3 ls s3:// --no-sign-request --re-gi-on
  • To list whats inside bucket using aws account
    aws s3 --profile your_account ls s3://level2
    to give complete permission to list everything whats inside the s3
    bucket is ver bad idea
  • Control access to bucket
    If following permission is choosen, anyone can list the bucket which
    is very bad
    1.Everyone: Anybody on the internet have access.
    2.Any Authenticated User: Anybody having AWS account has access.
  • To check the history of git repo
    Go into respective repository to check the history and run
    git log
    reult: Tells if any sensitive information is committed.
    To check what is that sensitive information, run
    git show hash_for_commit_displayed