Read the previous post to understand the following implications :)

  1. HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol is used between the web browser and the server to communicate and exchange information.
  2. HTTPS: HTTPS is just the HTTP protocol but with data encryption i.e encryption of exchanged data using SSL/TLS.
  3. SSL: Secure Sockets Layer. It was the first and one of the oldest protocols created for security purposes over the web in the late 90s. Obviously with time later versions were released to overcome security problems.
    Which in the late 1990s SSL 3.1 was renamed as TLS 1.0 for some reasons.
  4. TLS: Transport Layer Security. As we know it was SSL 3.1 which was renamed as TLS version 1.0. And with time different versions were released removing old flaws but providing better security over the web and older SSL was kinda deprecated. The latest version so far is TLS 1.3. TLS 1.2 is an older one and is still in the picture.
    FYI TLS is maitained by IETF - Internet Engineering Task Force.