“Only a man who has felt ultimate despair is capable of feeling ultimate bliss.”

Alexandre Dumas

My craaze for books only started when I came across this astonishingly bewitching book. Characters, plot, story line, props and scenery are so beautifully described that I wanted to travel back in time. I must say my love till date is Edmond Dantes, not because of his side of story but the attitude he carries and thoughts he puts in the present to past.

To be honest I can only be sane when I write or read in this chaotic workaholic life, so here I am! To get right back on track.



Despairs are at every step of our life, yet how far we choose things that actually help  us  to rise like a wild woolf against the sealed chains?? How far we go to fight for ourself? How far are we willingly to be patient, consistent and determined to get and do, for what we really want? This book has all those elements that takes to break against all odds.  This book was no ordinary for me but rather a bliss to have come across knowledge of such extraordinary act of kindness one could do for himself and understanding the worth.

The Count of Monte Cristo, is a fictional story based on real events. The story is set in the early 19th century.

Edmond Dantes, a young and successful merchant sailor  who has a promising future and about to wed love of his life Mercedes. But his vows of a moment before were forgotten, swept away in that great swift wind of ill faith brought upon him by those cunning eyes  of his  jealousy friend who falsely accuses him of treason, throwing him into prison for 14 years despite of his innocence, even without trial for a crime which he never committed. How brutal one's life can be??

This phase of his life turned out to be the most devastating, lonesome, exceptionally painful and the feeling of injustice had a strong impact. Emotions in this plot is so magnificently described that one could literally feel the turmoil in reader’s heart. Edmond Dantes was about to  give up hope after 7 longing  years of solitary confinement just in when he meet Abbe Faria, the silence rushed through their nerve bursting into joy of happiness and tears, the moment they saw each other is so enchanting that it will leave reader’s heart drenched in joy at these character.  Abbe, his 50 feet  neighboring cellmate, a priest in his past days, a man  with skills and amazing math. Abbe Faria in this story plays an amazing role, an incredibly wise  who teaches Dantes numerous languages, science and reveals secret about enormous treasure on the island - Monte Cristo. it's quite astonishing  to know how Abbe  modified the tools  and dig the feet for his escape plan from nothing, which later on he share the same plan with Dante.

How miss calculation of Abbe lead to him, and the connection felt to escape the adversity together as one and selflessly , is written so well that it would make  reader go wild in their own thoughts. The journey of transformation of Edmond into the Count of Monte Cristo, despite of forthcoming unfortunate events, the legendary escape of Dantes, finding love at the verge of nothing and his carefully planned revenge creates exceptionally dramatic, intriguing tale of mystery and truth about the urge  of vengeance and forgiveness, the feeling of power and powerlessness  and finding happiness in all odds.

Recommend: if you like absolute classic, focusing on vengeance, forgiveness, heroism, power and love .

Rating: 5/5

Author: Alexandre Dumas

Publisher : Bantam Classic