Talent is a piece of God's shadow. And under that shadow, human stories intersect.
Mitch Albom

Ever wondered how prepared are you for the emptiness which is going to be overwhelming, for all the shades of glory you would be wanting to? Because life in itself is mysterious, consequences of our choices are unknown sometimes we encounter brutal lessons or we get a step closer to our destiny, either way we reach but the only difference is “how we choose to continue?” The Magic strings of Frankie Presto will give you better insight about your choices and differences you can make.


Frankie Presto, a fictional character in this book is blended so well with the existed musicians as a part of their life such as Elvis Presley and Little Richard, that it made me  Goggle him believing that I might have missed his legendary music. It is true neither joy nor terror can delay the birth and yet legend was born amidst of all odds beckoning to be best guitarists to ever walk the earth. He was born orphan, who dealt with constantly changing life, with only  constant being his guitar and its 6 Magic strings which was gifted by his teacher El Maestro, which followed him around the world.  As he travels throughout the world and creates a large name for himself with those he meets, he also changes  6 people’s life through his magic string and each string tells us a truth about our hearts. Frankie presto receives his stardom at early age and also falls harshly on the dark path like the most stars but the courage he conquered to start all over  again in a true way, pretty much connects us all.

The most amazing and  unique parts of the story is the narrator, music itself.

As music narrates the story of  Frankie Presto it gives us whole new dimension on our life the band we are born with and the band we are entitled with, it shows us that throughout life we join in many different bands and each band is joyful in its way. Every perspective is beautifully interpreted  by Mitch Albom, and one of my favourite is

Man searches for courage in drink, but it is not courage that he finds, it is fear that he loses. A drunken man may step off a cliff. That does not make him brave, just forgetful.” And how courageous you want to be? Or how forgetful you are?

"The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto" will take you on a simple journey in extraordinary way, feeling connected to each person you meet. And you would know that music holds large power and can affect our lives in the way that our love can. That is what an artist do. Isn’t it?

Recommend if you like absolute classic spiced up with agony, love and essence of truly living with art.

Rating: 4.5

Author: Mitch Albom

Publisher: Sphere